Monday, June 7, 2010

Food Staples Surging in Price...

Not a lot of time for blogging these is a quick thought...

I am always interested when I see stories such as this one that talk about food shortages...inflation...rationing...etc. While this may seem like the problems of distant peoples... totally unrelated to the US...I think that would be a shortsighted assumption. Our connections can affect us when markets fail...when trade is limited or ceases...and in other ways. Our relations are a line of dominoes stood on end that reach around the world.

I read a story like this and marvel how little Americans currently pay for their food. While the people in the article pay up to 70% of their income on food...Americans pay somewhere around 7% of their income!!!

How differently we would view food if it was that expensive to us. I am planning for the day when we will be in the shoes of the so-called "poorer nations". When the facade of prosperity bursts...we will find we're not much different.


  1. i have a feeling that day isn't far away! Getting more and more expensive to buy just the basics now days!

    It is getting interesting!

  2. There certainly is nothing to be lost in being prepared!

  3. Good information as always Stephen!