Monday, June 6, 2011

Debris Hut...

Apart from being an author of a Wilderness Survival book...Michael Pewtherer has a handful of videos on youtube.  I really like the videos...and think he's pretty cool too.  One of these days I'll be interested to check out his book.  Here is a great training he did on a method of making a debris hut.  The most cozy looking debris hut I've ever seen.  It's in two parts.  The sort of hut you would want to know how to make to survive...or just be more comfortable in the wilderness.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

One Second After...

My local public library has a variety of audiobooks available for download.  I read a lot...and like the idea of being able to "read" from time to time without the effort involved with having to concentrate on the pages of a book.  And free from the library suits me well.

I went ahead and listened to a book called "One Second After".  I won't attempt to rehash the plot...other than to say that it is a about a small town dealing with the effects of an EMP.  Read more on the Amazon page if you want more details than that.

It was a grim story.  A coarse life that could one day be our reality.  While some preparedness types may spend their energies dickering over the plausibility of every scenario in such a book...for me the value is how it gets me thinking about what I would do if faced with similar situations...and how I would want to be prepared for such times.  It  reminded me that it would be good to have a sling on my shotgun!

The book is loaded with moral conundrums regarding a parents desire to take care of self and family...and the difficulties one faces trying to balance that with taking care of a community that is also very needy.  Such a book serves as a slap in the wake us up from our complacency and ingratitude for the blessings we currently enjoy.

Be warned that just like in real life...this book has some ugly characters saying and doing ugly things.  It also has people that show themselves to be selfless and good...people we all ought to aspire to be like.

I also want to mention that the man who read the audiobook was incredible!  He made the voices of little girls...old southern men...gruff talking tough guys...etc.  I wouldn't be surprised if he had 100 different characters to make up a voice for in the course of the book!  Excellent job.

This is a book that I will remember.