Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drilling Without Electricity

I love my cordless Dewalt hand drill.  It is so handy to be able to quickly screw in loose screws and drill holes.  But so many other conveniences we currently enjoy...runs on electricity. many of you believe that a plethora of circumstances could interrupt the infrastructure of our nation where we could find ourselves without electricity for very extended periods of time.  Or even on a more personal level...we may not be able to afford electricity in a hyperinflation situation...or other such situation.

Unless you have invested in those solar panels and charging system...or have some other means to charge your electric may be dead in the water to drill anything in a timely manner.  Which may not seem like a big deal...until you actually need to do it!

If you were to take a walk through grandpas carpentry shop back in the day you likely would have seen some hand crank contraption used to drill.  It  might have been in a "U" shape...or a type that used a corkscrew...or maybe an "egg beater" style. If you are lucky you might pick one of those up at a garage sale.  Many of them were really well made and will work as well for you as it did for grandpa.

I picked up a kind of "modern" version of grandpas that is an "egg beater" style.  It is fairly inexpensive and seems pretty durable...with it's metal on metal gears...and does a good job of making holes.  It also has good reviews on Amazon.  It's made by Schroeder...whom I assume is a company formed by that kid who played piano on "Peanuts" after his music career didn't pan out.

It is also a great tool to teach carpentry to younger children.  While I would be quite wary of putting a big drill in a childs hand...this one I could practically leave a child unattended with and not have to worry.

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