Monday, December 7, 2009

The Seychelle...

High on any emergency evacuation bags' list of contents should be water. The challenge that arises is that water is heavy and takes up space. If you wind up on foot...there is a limit on the amount you can physically carry...or will want to risk carrying in your efforts to not become physically exhausted. Another thing to that once you have expended that water as you sit in a shelter...or consume it on your will need to look for water again.

When you find that may be from a questionable source. Does it have fecal matter in it? Even if it does look clean...what bacteria or other spook may be in it?

A level of piece of mind can be attained by having a portable water filter of some sort in your pack. This is a big topic. I could get into boiling water. Iodide. Microns. The difference between purifiers and filters etc... You can learn some about that here.

I just wanted to point out something interesting to be found at church distribution. They now offer the Seychelle water filter bottle. This is interesting because...I don't recollect the church ever having any preparedness items for sale...other than food storage. This is not the cadillac of water filters...but it is a "good" filter. While it is currently sold will be available for $16.50...with free shipping!!! The manufacturer is offering it for $ you have to pay for shipping. Literally half the price if purchased from Church Distribution.

For that price...this would be a good one to have in a car emergency pack...a work emergency pack...or your regular home emergency evac bags. You could probably afford for everyone in your family to have their own!

If you have the money to purchase something that takes out more of the bad stuff...I'd recommend the first need.


  1. If you want a filter that lasts literally forever, I recommend this one:

    I have two of these, and they are rated (at least by the manufacturer to ONE MILLION that is not a joke). Once in a while you have to "backflush" it to clear it...but with a incredibly long life, this is a minor inconvenience.

    If you're looking for high capacity, and limited portability combined with low (LOW) cost:

    Just FYI

  2. By the way...the above Sawyer filter (the one at REI) that I mentioned in the above posting, ALSO filters to 0.02 micron so it completely removes all bacteria AND Viruses - most filters do not.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Garret.

    My take on the seychelle is that it is a decent option for people on a very limited income that want something that is better than nothing!

    Sawyer is a great product. They also make a water bottle top similar to the seychelle that get's down to .1 microns...but you are going to pay $35 or so more for just one bottle!

  4. Here is the Sawyer bottle version that can get down to .02...

    I think they are selling this one at Walmart...

  5. Walmart has the sp140

    The sp135 is going to probably run over $100 for the added protection

  6. Walmart does have the sp135 for $59...

  7. I did some more research on the .02 micron bucket filter that Garrett recommended. I'm really impressed. I plan on buying 1 or 2 as soon as I can. It is small...lightweight...easy to assemble...get's down to viruses mechanically...and boasts being able to work for a million gallons. Wow.

  8. know something really cool. You were a preparedness missionary. Your introduction to me of the Sawyer me to really investigate it. As a result I am doing a group order that is being picked up by multiple stakes. You played a part in what is sure to be HUNDREDS of families getting prepared with water filters...and those they might help. Awesome.

  9. I talked to Sawyer directly and asked about the filter in the SP135 and that in their purifier bucket of the 0.02 purification, the lady told me they were the same filter, million gallon type. I asked about the warranty and wondered why the discrepancy, she asked where I was looking, was it the Wal-mart site, she stated Wal-mart doesn't want to honor the warranty aspect...but for $59, I don't think you can go wrong and you can have the same solution as the bucket kit by buying a couple pvc fittings and the $59 bottle :)

  10. WOW!! That is new. Last time I looked...they didn't carry the .02...just the point one! I was just going thru the hassle of arranging a group order. I was going to only get the price down to like $90 or so!!! Walmart kills that price! Thanks for the heads up.

    I wonder how effectively one could fabricate the parts to make it worth the time to figure it out...or if it would be better just to buy a bucket filter.

  11. Ohara...

    I went ahead and took down the article on the Sawyer group order. It was going to email it out to my distribution this evening...and I want to think through what the best route is before moving forward. Thank you! Please let me know all of the details on the fittings. Otherwise I will have to purchase ahead to do it myself to see if it is OK for the masses...

  12. I have the sp140 and all reviews are great.
    The side of the box says that this will not remove virus and bacteria and that tablets or alternate methods need to be used in conjunction. This makes no sense to me. Am I missing something?

  13. Hey Furious Styles. I believe that the 140 gets down to .1 which will not get out a virus. My understanding is that you have to get the products that go to .02 to get rid of the viruses. Contact Sawyer directly if you want more clarification. Take care.