Monday, April 13, 2009

Cheese Wax Will Save Us All...

As I have put together my families food storage I have wondered how to fill what would be a HUGE gap in our everyday diet. That product that if lost that would greatly be mourned is...CHEESE!! We consume a lot of cheese. Grilled cheese, cheese cubes on chili, cheese and crackers, burritoes...etc...etc... The thought of cheesy enchiladas...steaming warm...and dripping with cheddar cheese...ahhhh...heaven on earth! I would go through withdrawals like a drug addict...if cheese were no longer available to me.

I have looked into the cheese just isn't the same. Who wants to put a slobber of macaroni and cheese powder on a piece of bread?!! I have investigated canned cheese...but it is expensive...and I have heard some really bad reviews...saying it can taste like fish. Spray cheese is hardly cheese at all in my opinion...and could probably embalm a dead person with all of the weird chemicals that are in it. Having a milk cow or a goat requires work, room, money, and time. So what then!!?

I was just introduced to a blog called preparedness pro. I share many beliefs with the person who puts that blog together. On that blog there is an article called "Cheese Wax Will Save Us All". The article outlines how you can take most any cheese...and put wax on it to store it for years...or even decades!!!! I am sooo excited to try this!! Preparedness minded real cheese lovers can sleep easy tonight.

Know that if your supply of stored cheese runs can also make cheese from powdered milk.


  1. Yes, what would life be like without cheese?? Thanks for sharing this cheese wax information with your readers. I tweeted about your blog today! Do you tweet also? I'm

  2. Actually found your blog from preparedness pro's tweet. :)

    I have waxed cheese in plain ol parafin wax and it is storing very well in my food room--after a little repair on some of the pieces. Check out my post about it here. I'll probably do some more only next time I'll dip half at a time so I don't need to use string. That will give a better seal.

    Enjoying your blog!

  3. PreparednessPro...I have never tweeted. Honestly I am not even quite sure what that means!! I have heard of it...perhaps I should investigate.

    Thank you Angela! I'll check out your post. Anything to learn from others so I don't have to make mistakes is appreciated.