Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buckeye Gathering 2011...

Hey friends.  This past May I went to what was to me...a life shaping event.  The first annual Buckeye Gathering.  A week long experience being submerged in an intense hands on study of primitive technology.  I drank up every moment.  The food was healthy and tasty...the music was incredible...I made great friends...the instructors were high quality.  It doesn't get better!

What is taught are "survival skills" of the highest degree.  Getting everything you may need from the natural world. No gadgets necessary.  A person at buckeye is learning to live basically as the Native Americans did and some other indigenous cultures still do.

I have had many people ask me questions about this event.  I want to give you a heads up well in they have set things in motion for the next one May of 2011.  With advanced planning...perhaps you can make plans to get off of work...and get the money together.   The cost for early registration is $300!!!  Thats for a week of all day instruction...and they feed you two meals a day!!!  That is cheap.

So you know...I should be teaching a class on oil extraction from acorns...and maybe something else on Oak tree ID.  We'll see.

Here is the link to their site.

Hope to see you there!

PS...People out of state...or out of the country...might do well to poke around and see if something like this is offered near where you live...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Investing in Food...

For several years now I have seen articles speaking of how various factors are pointing towards a time when there will be increased food shortages across the globe.  While food shortages may seem to the general public as something that only happens in countries that have names that are hard to pronounce...far removed from the cushy US...we more than likely will find out in the not too distant future how we are not above such challenges.

Here is an article that makes such sobering predictions.

My favorite line from the article...

"You don’t have to be an End Times survivalist to believe that storing food is pragmatic.  Everyone with expendable cash can and should design a good food storage and rotation system and buy bulk food as an investment -- in addition to creating self-sufficiency."

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Government in Your Garden...

I'd venture to guess that only a small fraction of US citizens have ever read a bill before it became law.  And who can blame them.  The bills are often ridiculously long and steeped in mind numbing and confusing legalese.  We're far too busy making bricks for Pharoah and attending circuses to try to wrap our head around such an intentionally convoluted mess.

A bill might have a fluffy...cute name like..."SB 2345 The happy fun make your life great act".  When in reality...hidden deep in the wording designed to have Americans give up their right of habeas corpus and be tried by military tribunals...or some other such nonsense. asks....isn't this sort of thing what our elected representatives are supposed to protect us from?!!

Sure we believe in a representative government...but it's quite obvious that many or most of those that supposedly represent the citizens...really represent whatever will put cash in their pockets...grow the welfare state...get them reelected...etc.  Many of these representatives...good intentioned but misinformed...grossly negligent...or conspiring and evil...push these bills through and ultimately they may become the unconstitutional "law" of the land.

What is also sickening is that many of these representatives never have a chance to...or don't bother to read the bills they are voting on !!

As a result...our freedoms dim with each successive year...month...and day as a collective Gulliver have the strings of tyranny placed over us.  Many of the politicians will continue to lull us with hollow promises...and encourage us to go back to sleep...while others are becoming brazenly open about their corruption as they believe that the people are too docile to ever do anything to really challenge them.

Here is a bill...that I am hearing about from time to time....that has the appearance of being ridiculously intrusive and corrupt.

It is called SB510  "The food safety modernization act".

Well...don't you want for your food to be "safe" and don't you want to be "Modern"?!!  What kind of crazy would be against safety and want to be a backwards outdated hillbilly in opposition to modernization!!?

Opponents of this bill say that it will (among other things) make it...

Illegal To Grow, Share,
Trade, Sell Homegrown Food

SB S510 Will Allow Government  To Put You In Jail ....

The government telling you how you can grow...what you can grow...etc!!!!

There are also people saying that there are ties to Monsanto...which is the devil.

To many...the notion that the government would ever come into your backyard and try to control what you grow may sound like some far fetched Orwellian plot.  That is...until someone shows up at your home with a clip board "just doing their job" to make sure that you are abiding the "law"...or you are found guilty of growing non-approved broccoli...and of course must therefore face the consequences!

So I'd recommend contacting your representatives...letting others know about it...and basically doing whatever becometh a concerned citizen.