Thursday, March 1, 2012

Costco Cheese...

So...I've never gotten over being annoyed that I am made to show my card when I go into a Costco...and then that they check my cart on the way out.  It always has come off a little too "papers please" for me.  But the various great deals that can be had on bulk items have helped me to grit my teeth through that annoyance...and as a result I regularly shop there.

Two increasing Costco trends have been buying my business.

1.  They are stocking more and more organic foods.  Their prices for a block of organic cheddar cheese beat the pants off of all competition in town.

2.  They are promoting preparedness items regularly.  Something I highly recommend you consider...if you are hoping to have cheese if you find yourself one day unable to purchase it from a store (due to a myriad of circumstances) to check out this deal currently available from Costco as I type this.  This price is substantially less than anywhere else I have seen.  With a shelf life of up to 20 years...and reportedly excellent taste it sounds great to me.  Read the specs and reviews for more info and to be sold one way or the other!