Friday, December 17, 2010

Preparedness Frisbees and Ponchos for Teens at Christmas!

Just a couple of thoughts that have been running around in my mind.

One area of preparedness that I think is often overlooked when a person is putting together emergency a way to have fun.  If you wind up confined to your home....or an evacuee facing a long term camping situation...what a boon it would be to have something fun to do!  A simple deck of cards...a doll for a child...a tennis ball...etc...could really brighten spirits...and help to pass the time.

Personally...I love throwing a frisbee!  I am admittedly a bit of a frisbee snob...and find lesser quality frisbees to be more aggravating than enjoyable.  I like the heavier frisbees made for ultimate frisbee.  The good ones fly long and true.  Of course you can't go wrong with a discraft frisbee....the official disc of the Ultimate Players Association!  Frisbees also serve a double purpose in that they can be used as a plate!

Next topic...

I teach an early morning religion class to high school kids.  I have noticed that not a single one of them ever wears a rain jacket!!  It could be pouring rain...and they will be wearing sweats.  That may be fine if they are indoors all day...but what if they get stuck outside.  I guess there is a sense of security that there will always be a shelter available somewhere and a place to get warm.  Perhaps a good stocking stuffer...or at least something to stick in their backpack is one of those cheap dollar store fold up ponchos.  They might look at you funny...but they may well appreciate it when the day comes that they need it.

Perhaps your shopping is already done.  If it isn' might consider getting some of what people need and hopefully want...things like preparedness frisbees and ponchos...the things that will help sustain those you care for through crisis!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Handgun Training...

People have seen too many movies...and think that they can just pick up a gun and become dirty Harry when they need to.  A reality is that becoming proficient with a gun takes practice...and a knowledge of fundamentals.  Here is a course that is being offered locally (Rocklin) that my wife and I will be attending to hone these skills...for a screamin' deal!  A 6-8 hour course with shooting range practice for $87!!!!!  Regularly $175.

The deal ends tomorrow...I believe before 6am.

Nothing says "I love you" more for Christmas than the gift of teaching your loved ones to defend themselves!

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