Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ear Plugs...

One evening as you wind down for the day...a disaster strikes.  Your home is no longer safe...and so you quickly grab your emergency evacuation bags and walk out the front door.  Groups of people start to head towards a shelter that is being set up for your neighborhood.  Upon arrival you find that the place is packed with people...all making up beds for the night.  You find a place to lie down and are suddenly faced with the reality that... can be hard to sleep with a lot of people around!

Coughing...babies crying...moving and talking...aaaarrrrgh!!!!

In such a are probably going to be stressed out and irritable enough why exacerbate your problems by not getting good sleep?

Unless you are one of those people "Who can sleep through anything"...perhaps you should consider having some earplugs in your evacuation bag.

They block out most sound...are reusable...and not very expensive.  They weigh virtually nothing...and take up virtually no space...but can increase the quality of your life to a great degree.

They are generally made of a very soft urethane and are sold "corded" or "uncorded".  The cord is a long plastic string to hold them together.  Personally...I don't think the cord is necessary.  It can actually be a little annoying rubbing on your neck...or getting caught on things.  It's a preference thing.

Having worn many...many earplugs while in my construction years...I found that they are not all created equally.  Some aren't so "soft" and if worn for a length of time...will actually cause enough pressure on your ear canal that they will cause your ears to ache!  Some also do a better job of muffling sound than others...and retain their shape better for subsequent reuse.  

I have used "Howard Leight Laser Earplugs" and really liked them.  Some people swear by "Hearo's".  There are lot's of brands out there to try out that may work.

Other than online...they can also be picked up at your local drug or home improvement store...or perhaps even your standard grocery store.

You might purchase some and try them out before you buy them in the bulk...and generally that is where you will get your best buying them in the bulk.  With a bunch on hand you can put them all over the place to have ready to use.  Other than for may also use them for use with loud tools...for shooting practice...or even when Def Leppard comes to your State Fair!  LOL!!...


  1. Brilliant. Cannot believe I didn't think of this after that experience at girls camp in the little shanty cabin with 8 other leaders who snored, moaned, tossed and turned all night. Ugh. I'm sticking earplugs in my kit right now. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Snoring is the worst! I forgot to even mention that! Thanks for your comment...

  3. Warning: extended daily use can cause your ears to start itching.

    I used to wear them every day at work, to block out the pop music that would get stuck in my head. After 2 weeks, my ears itched like crazy.

    So, nach dem Motto, "moderation in all things."

  4. Thanks Joe for the warning. I think I've experienced that before as well...

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