Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cord Locks and Target T-shirts...

I like to wear sombrero's that I pick up from thrift stores to protect myself from the sun.  The major downside is that when a moderate wind comes hat becomes like a kite and wants to fly away.  Lame!  I tried just tying a knot in the chin rope on the sombrero...but found it uncomfortable to have it cinched up all the I decided to track down what are called "Cord Locks".  They are those little do-dads that are on your jackets...hats...sleeping bag compression sacks...etc.

They're such a handy little thing to have. might be able to fabricate something that would work OK...but why go through the trouble?  These work remarkably well...are pretty durable...and are inexpensive.

I picked up a bag of 50 of them for roughly $10 from the "scrubhatlady" on ebay.  With that many...I can have them around for my replace locks that are lost...and for whatever other do-it-yourself gear projects I might have.  Awesome.

Target T-shirts

From a reader of the blog...uncensored!

"Hi there, 

just an idea for your blog from a pale girl whose skin burns more than easily and refuses to ever tan.. white long sleeved tissue tees are on sale at Target right now... will keep the sun off of my arms, are cooler than regular tees and are thin and light and won't take too much space in my pack.  perfect for when sunblock will be scarce or non-existent and I cannot spend my days at my office computer in air conditioning but rather surviving heaven knows where in the 3 1/2 season tent my hubby bought for me as our "2nd home""

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  1. I really like the idea of haing some of these cord locks on hand ! Don't know why I didn't think about it myself!