Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your Last Shopping Trip?...

I am often asked by people..."How long do you think things will go on before we're living in the wild west again?" Speaking of societal collapse in the US.

The answer is..."Every day that passes...I am amazed that it hasn't already happened"! It has been absolutely incredible that we have made it the last few years without a major disaster...manmade or otherwise to send us reeling back into the dark ages. One could look at our economic ails...terrorist threats...illegal alien problems...natural disasters...mettlesome foreign policy...wickedness...growing welfare state...poor crop yields...drought...corrupt governments...etc...and make a case that any one of them could cripple this country...and yet we have many of them reaching their ebullition seemingly at the same time!

Along these same lines...every time I step into a grocery store I think to myself..."I wonder if this is the last time I will be able to purchase food and supplies before the collapse?"

With this mindset I really...really question every purchase...making sure that every red cent goes to putting up more sustaining food and needed supplies for my opposed to being frittered away on useless garbage.

This has prompted the purchasing of extra apple sauce...toilet paper...and so forth.

Just a thought for you. If you knew that when you go to the grocery store tomorrow...that it would be your last time to stock up on food and supplies for an undetermined amount of time...what would you be buying? Would it just be business as usual? What items would be dropped from your list?

I am not recommending "going to extremes" or getting into debt for food storage or anything like that. I just want for people to have a reality check about the precariousness of our current situation...and to truly make use of the means that are currently available...that may not be for long.


  1. Stephen - GOOD choice of article. When I was in Louisiana during Katrina (the aftermath) providing backup communications it always made me laugh that the stores were first looted of milk, eggs and meat - followed quickly by everything else. As you have said before: you must have your supplies PRIOR to an emergency.

    That said - see below for a list of the 100 items that typically (TYPICALLY) disappear first in a disaster:

    And NO the above link is not associated with me, nor am I connected in any way. Good info Stephen - keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Garrett...

    I've seen that list of 100 things before...lots of good ideas!