Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Foraging Blog...

I love foraging.  It is a passion.  I devote a lot of time and effort...and even money into my education on the topic.  My days are filled with sampling foliage...berries...seeds...etc...and putting them into the foods that my family eats. I do far more with it than I ever have time to post about.

And if I did post about it all here...I would have readers that would love it...and others that would grow weary.  Many of the plants that I discuss are endemic to California and therefore don't really completely apply to readers from other states...and even nations. seems that my local project "Sacred Garden School of Foraging" is gaining momentum.  Classes are formulating...and I plan on doing more and more as time goes on.  Students of the classes want more info on local plants...and may not be ready for a general preparedness blog.

It is because of this that I wanted to have a separate blog dedicated to the foraging send people to that are expressly interested in that do some more in depth studies...list some of the classes I will be doing...give recipes...and things of that nature.

This site will continue as it has...only without the foraging.

To check out the other blog...visit

I hope that even without the foraging info on this blog...that you will seek out an education on the topic.  I consider it one of the most valuable skills of self reliance that a person could possess.  Storing food is imperative.  Knowing how to grow your own is a must.  The skill to gather what you have not stored...or cannot grow...could fill in the gaps of your diet and save your life.

Just remember this.  An unskilled refugee has only the food he can carry on his back...and may starve when those supplies are gone.  A foraging refugee has nature as a supermarket...and can find food most wherever he or she goes!  That is prepared.

Thank you for reading!

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