Monday, May 24, 2010

To Invest...or Not to Invest...That is the Question...

I used to have a career in financial services.  Even though I am out of the industry...I still have people ask questions. In the hallway at church a young mother quietly asked..."My husband has an opportunity to put more money into a work sponsored retirement account. The company matches a certain percentage of what we put into the account. She went on to express her concerns about the markets but didn't want to jeopardize their families future by not investing.  "What should we do!??"

I didn't want in any way make her decision for her. I said..." all depends on what you believe."  "Is this just one more downturn before a prosperous future for our country...or have we reached a day of economic reckoning which will bankrupt our country?"  "Is this the buying opportunity of a lifetime...or the beginning of the greater than great depression?"

She responded that she didn't know.  I suggested that she study and pray about the decision.  We went on to talk about food storage and other things.  I am unsure what she decided to do.

Me.  I believe that we are on the cusp of the end of the dollar and great civil unrest in this country.

Phony Financial Optimism

While some might think to label me a pessimist...I consider myself a "real-ist" and an optimist. I am optimistic that whatever happens that the Lord will support me through it...if I am righteous. Being optimistic and having hope do not mean that you don't believe bad things will happen! Having optimism while standing on the sinking Titanic might mean that you believe that you could figure out a way to survive not that the ship won't sink. To ignore the ice cold water filling the ship...and pretend that it isn't coming in is not's stupidity.  My optimism or lack thereof would have no bearing on whether that ship is going to sink or not. Those whose rose colored glasses see only rainbows...bunnies...and the soft and cute things of the world may soon find what their so-called "optimism" has deceived their savings go up in a puff of smoke.

Gold and Silver

Their values are going up.  When the economy fails...they might be a good means of exchange.  If things get really bad and there is no shipment of food...just can't eat gold.

Here is the advice I would delivered from leaders of the church...(bolded for emphasis)  Reread it until you understand what is being said...

When will we learn these basic economic principles? However, “… when we really get into hard times,” said President Clark, “where food is scarce or there is none at all, and so with clothing and shelter, money may be no good for there may be nothing to buy, and you cannot eat money, you cannot get enough of it together to burn to keep warm, and you cannot wear it.” (Church News, November 21, 1953, p. 4.)

Food has an intrinsic value.  Supplies do.  Tools...etc.  Our trinkets and fine twined linens may soon be thrown to the people will trade their BMW for a bag of potatoes.  Those things that will actually support the essentials of life.

The Dollar Bubble

 Here is a video that showcases some economists and people whose views I share.  It may help some to see that this isn't just another market correction on an upward moving trend.  Truly past performance is not indicative of future results!!!  If anything it will motivate some to do more food storage planning!


  1. In hard times, food will always be a very useful barter tool!

    I don't have a lot of money, but I could live quite well on my supplies and food storage! It makes sense to me!

  2. Here here!

    Thanks HermitJim...I always appreciate your comments...

  3. Ironically (or perhaps not) I was talking to an economist that works for my company and he stated that rather than gold and silver I invest in "copper plated lead" (ammo). He may be onto something as it definitely has value and would be ALMOST (not quite) as valuable as food, clean water (or the ability to clean it), tools, communications gear or medicine. Your thoughts Stephen?

    I'm a HAM radio specialist myself (for my stake) and work with a lot of Utah State emergency services. Stephen, you are dead on when you state that food first is critical! Keep up the good work!

  4. Food and ammo. That is where the bulk of my preparedness money is going right now. Cabelas has some killer deals on ammo until memorial day. Ammo is needed for personal defense...and certainly would be good for barter. I think your work economist is right on track.

    Thanks Garrett!