Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Responses to "I'm coming to your house!!!"

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that…I might have enough money to feed something to all of the unprepared people who said it to me! These words are generally said when an unprepared person discovers someone that is preparing and then exclaims “I know where I’m coming when there’s no food. I’m coming to your house!!!”
Perhaps I am hypersensitive from being abused with those words so many times...but I believe those words to be like a slap in the face to anyone who is trying to prepare...and a major disappointment to people that are trying to influence others to prepare their own families (especially don't say it to your ward preparedness specialists!!).

as if many of them are saying “I know full well that it is the right thing to do to prepare my family. I know that you are spending your time and resources now to get your own family prepared…instead of spending your money on frivolous stuff like I am. I may even believe to some degree that God has commanded me to prepare for my family…still…I will waste this time of prosperity…and plan on making myself a burden on your family one day and thereby demonstrate that I am not a true friend but in fact a leech that will come to your home to consume your priceless goods!” That may sound harsh but I don't think it far from the truth in many cases.

Now I do know that there are those who say it as a joke…but to me it is no joke. If there is any inkling of seriousness to their plan to be a burden on someone else...I don't think myself out of line saying that they have cause to repent. It is not my desire in this post to get into the “should we share or not” topic…(I’ll tackle that one another day) but to share some thought provoking responses…not meant to demean…but to help to awaken someone to have a desire to prepare...and for the prepared person to not just to stand there with their mouth agape wondering how the unprepared person could be so inconsiderate.

I made up a few of these responses and saw a few on a forum I visited where a few preparedness people were venting frustration. Some are really bold…which may be necessary in the right spirit…and others were softer…but made the point. While some may feel that a few of these lack charity because they require the person recieving food to work…please know that this is in keeping with the principles of the Lords welfare program. Remember that if you really love someone...and care for saving yourself...you need to speak up and say what needs to be said...even if it's not easy to say. Enjoy.

Brother Smith says to you “I’m coming to your house!!”…and you respond…

1. “Brother Smith, instead of planning on coming to my house…why not let me help you learn how to prepare for yourself?!”

2. “Brother Smith, I'm under obligation from the Lord to provide for my own. You are under obligation to provide for your own.”

3. “Brother Smith, I would be happy to feed your family…but please know that the Lords welfare program is not a dole…and neither is mine. Cut and deliver a cord of wood to my home and I will feed you for x days.”

4. “Sure, I'd be happy to feed your family. But you'll have to work for me... and you won’t like working for me. You may have to sleep outside to guard the garden or chickens…or you may have to grind all of the wheat with the hand grinder…or you may have to dig up the yard to plant…or I may have you take care of all of the sanitary needs of the house...etc...etc...”

5. “Brother Smith, I’d be happy to feed you. Here is what you can expect” (Hand a ziploc bag of wheat to him). “Soaking it makes it easier to chew.” [He might be inclined to store his own food just so he doesn't have to endure yours!]

6. “Yes Brother Smith please do come…and bring whatever you have to trade me for some food. I could probably use every battery in your house…or maybe we could trade all of the camping gear you've got…or I could use all of your shovels…I will definitely want all of the toilet paper you’ve got…and I could use all of your plastic silverware…etc…etc.”

7. “Brother Smith, it is a commandment to have food storage.”

8. “Brother Smith, you may want to read 1Timothy 5:8.”

9. “Let’s hope that there is not a pandemic where you can’t come over!”

10. “Let’s hope for you that the Lord hasn’t led us out with our food!”

11. “I hope that there is food left after all of the other unprepared people line up in front of my house who said the same thing to me. I hope that I have enough work projects for everyone who shows up or that I need something they have to trade.”

12. “So you want me to give you my temporal oil from my lamp…let’s hope that the bridegroom doesn’t shut the door!”

13. "So your plan...is to not plan...and to eat my food when there is no amount of money that could buy food...is that right...?" (restating the question may help them to see that it is an unreasonable thing to say)

. "So while I spend every extra penny on storage...and you go on expensive vacations...buy motorcycles...huge TV's...etc...etc...I'm supposed to plan on feeding your family too! Let's hope I'm feeling generous when you show up!"

. "Brother Smith, you may want to check out the Doctrine and Covenants section 42:42"

. "Brother Smith, you may want to check out the Doctrine and Covenants section 1:14"

"Brother Smith, would you mind if I shared with you some of the words of the prophets? I think that if you were familiar with their words you would never have said such a thing."

"Should I expect you on your knees crying or in a mob with a pitchfork?!"

"You might want to check out Luke 6:46"

. "You might want to check out D&C 83:2 and D&C 75:28"

21. "Don't come to my home when there is no food. I'll be giving what I can spare to the bishop to feed the poor and needy...perhaps you could ask him for it when the time comes?"

. "Let's hope that the streets are safe from war...not filled with mobbing people...or unsafe from toxic spills...weaponized biological agents...etc...etc! You may not want to come over!"

I'll stop there. I could make these up all day! I omitted the ones that say things like "Yeah...and I'll be waiting with my guns"...thinking they might be in poor taste...and not in the right spirit of charity! I do know people who have said that! Like that one...there are probably a few of these you would not say. Perhaps there is one that you would feel comfortable with...that you could decide to use...so that you will have an answer when the time comes.


  1. Okay....okay...I've got it! So, specialist...where is the list of the most important things to get first? I will not be knocking on anybody's door..although our joke for years has been that. My childhood family was always prepared, and we need to do the same for our little fam. Four years of marriage...isn't is about time? We need some direction! :) Thanks for the post...everybody needs a wake up call. Who would of known that it was your blog post that would be the final straw?!?! :) Thank you!

  2. You are awesome Jessica! Hey...maybe something good will come out of my putting this thing together! Look down the page to an article called "Putting first things first in family storage". That would be a good place to start.

  3. I'd refer him to the story of the "Ant and the Grasshopper." And then tell him, "Oh, BTW, I also stockpile ammunition and weapons to deal with "grasshoppers."

  4. Keep it simple.

    You want ME to prepare for you, when YOU won't even prepare for yourself. And then maybe add "If you give me $500 per person, you will be welcome.

  5. Thanks Sierra Dave and Anonymous. So true.