Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anyone need a little motivation to lay up in store?

Have you ever opened one of those cans of orange juice concentrate...taken off the metal lid...and stuck it to your tongue? POW!! Your taste buds reel back and you instantly come to life!! That is this book!

was written by Neal Leash...whom a lot of people in our area know because he was in a Stake Presidency in Sacramento. Neal documents the Lords command to lay up in store over 150+ years of church history. It serves to clarify the doctrine that laying up in store is a command from God and not just a "good idea". If you need motivation to get going...THIS IS IT!! It is not a big book...and it is an easy read.

I recommend buying this book, reading it, and then being a missionary to your own people by lending it out to everyone you know!


  1. Can we get the book at the LDS bookstore or do we need to shop on online for it?

  2. Deseret book to my knowledge does not carry it. I purchased my first copy at that LDS bookstore way down on Elk Grove on Elk-Grove Florin Rd. Probably your best bet is just to order it online.