Friday, December 19, 2008

Putting First Things First in Family Home Storage...

"What should I do first?" the sweet young mother asked me with a bit of frustration. "Do I work on a 72 hour kit first...or should I be putting my limited resources towards purchasing all the long term stuff...or should I be working on the 3 month supply...or is there something else!!?"

Many people who start on the path to getting prepared voice the same confusion and frustration. They want to get going...but the path is not clear.

The church has actively taken steps to simplify the information that they give to us to make it easy to begin. The church's provident living website has very easy to understand...basics of preparedness. Their desire as mentioned in the FAQ of that site is to "eliminate the perceived complexity of home storage."

That same FAQ section also answers the sweet young mother's question on what to work on first. (You may find a lot of your questions answered there too!)

Cut and pasted from the FAQ (bold added for emphasis)...

"Where do I start?

Start by adding a few storable items that you typically
eat, storing some water that is safe to drink, and saving some money, if only a few coins each week.

Then over time, expand these initial efforts—as individual circumstances allow and where permitted—by storing a longer-term supply of basics such as grains, beans, and other staples."

So there you have it! First priority is 3 month supply, water storage, and savings...followed by the longer-term supply. See the church's site on how to get this going here...

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