Monday, March 15, 2010

2 is 1...1 is none...

"Why do you need another gun...we already have so many?!"

"Why are you buying firesteels...when we already have matches in storage?"

"Why do we need another water filter...when we already have one?"

"Do you really need to go to a class on winter survival?!...I thought you knew that!"

"Don't you already have a bunch of knives??!!"

...said the spouse to his/her intensely preparedness minded spouse who always seems to be buying preparedness gear and investing time into learning!

Why does it seem that an insatiable desire to collect preparedness gear and gadgets could never be assuaged?!  Why do you need doubles of certain items?!!  Why can't you just read "Twilight" like regular people instead of reading "Survival Skills of Native America"!??

To the person who believes as I do...that the US is soon likely to be thrust into a primitive and dangerous way of life is hard to say if we ever have enough knowledge and "stuff" to be prepared.  To those that don't believe that the danger is real...I understand how it could come off a bit nutty.

In the world of preparedness...the saying goes..."2 is 1...and 1 is none". Meaning that if you are placing your preparedness planning eggs all in one may reap severe disappointment if something goes awry.  This means that one needs to have at least a plan "B"...or even a "C"..."D" and so on.

A person who is working to be completely prepared will ask..."Well...what if..."

What if...I plan on using a bic lighter to start my fires...and it get's cracked or runs out of fuel?  Then I will use some matches in an airtight container.  What if the matches run out or get wet...then I will use a firesteel.  What if that get's lost or stolen...then I could try my hand at making a bow drill.

If you jumped from a plane...and your life depended on your parachute opening.  Would you feel a bit better if you had a back-up parachute in case the one you wore failed?

Having extras of certain preparedness items is a good idea...

1.  For bartering with people who may need that item.
2.  To have ready for ill prepared family or friends.
3.  In case your item wears out...get's broken...stolen etc...
4.  To have the needed item in different places.  Like one at at hidden in a bucket out in the mountains!!  etc...
5.  To have various tools that work better for different applications.  Long knives for splitting wood...small knives for whittling...etc.

Stuff is important...and knowledge is even more so.  So get both together...before you REALLY need them.

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