Friday, August 14, 2009

Citrus Heights Community Preparedness Event...

If you are in the area and would like to come to a family preparedness fair...

There will be a free community preparedness fair hosted by the Citrus Heights Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Experts at booths will provide information on...

- Ways to cook food without electricity
- How to store food so it will be good for emergencies
- Putting together an emergency evacuation bag
- Home defense
- Making your home fire safe
- Pandemic preparedness
- Emergency communications
- Emergency sanitation

...and much more!

When: Saturday, August 22nd 10am-12pm
Where: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at

8056 Oak Avenue, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 East of Sunrise Blvd on the south side.

No lectures will be given…so come and go as you please. It is a casual dress event where all ages are welcome.


  1. How did the event go? My stake would like to have a preparedness fair and I wonder if you have an outline for the fair you planned that you wouldn't mind sharing. Your advertisement in the blog for your fair is impressive.

  2. outline. Basically I got the stake to commit to four preparedness events a year. My goal has been to make them truly "community" events. I have gone to all kinds of local government...organizations...businesses...etc...and got them to come out to our events.

    The first one this year was on food storage. We did that one entirely in a lecture format. A cultural hall seated everyone that could fit...and we had various people...mostly ward prep specialists stand up and give 15 minute-ish interactive talks on things like long term storage methods...short term...water storage...where to put it...etc... The flyer said things like come and see presentations on "Finding a place to store food when it seems you have no more room"..."Demonstrations on how to store food and water so that it will last".....and so on.

    The second event was spring-ish...and was a gardening one. This one has booths and lectures going on in the rooms around the building. Container gardening...foraging...drought watering methods...etc...were covered. The advertising was carefully thought out to make it "sexy" if you the people who might come. "How to grow food in less space"..."Drought watering methods"..."The basics of gardening"..."A four season harvest...growing food year round"...and stuff like that.

    This last one had no lectures...and was entirely in booth format. Just a guess but I think we had 600 or so people there coming and going. Between the members...we have been able to shake out enough demonstrators to have some what I think have been worthwhile events.

    The next one should be an interfaith preparedness expo...not on church grounds...probably at someone elses church so that we can have vendors selling.

    This next year I am thinking about doing more of a "First Thursday Preparedness Forum". Where instead of quarterly big events...I have people speaking on various preparedness topics monthly...and people doing show and tell. Then we would have maybe two of those be big events during the year. I think that would be really good.

  3. Wow! You are anything but lazy! You're an idea machine!

    When you had 600 people come to see all the booths, what kinds of booths did you have?

    Thank you for the thorough response you gave. That was very nice of you.

  4. You are kind.

    The booths were on emergency evacuation kits. The police did a general info and home defense booth. We had people doing sun oven/cooker demos...dutch oven...biomass stoves...wonder ovens...electrical safety...CERT recruiting...a table filled with pamphlets...pandemic prep...3 month supply...long term...dehydrating food...emergency water filtration...emergency communications...that is all I remember right now. The idea was to have prepared to stay in place...and prepared to evacuate covered.

  5. Thanks so much. I'll keep checking back to see if you think of anything else. I'll pass this along to our stake leaders in the meantime. You're very helpful.

  6. You should feature your services/products on the Citrus-heights community, classifieds section.