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Be Wary of Vaccinations...

Man's Wisdom and Health

While we can count upon God's wisdom to be's wisdom changes with the seasons. One area where man's wisdom is consistently under revision is in the field of health.

An apparently esteemed scientist in an ultra-white pressed lab coat...representing some big organization will stand up and recite the findings of a new report...fresh off the presses...saying that something is the most healthy thing in the world. Say eggs for example. He reports..."They are a good source of protein and an important part of a healthy diet".

I would contend that the average joe public will not read the report he carries under his arm. They probably won't look into seeing who funded the research. They don't look to see if the scientists are actually reputable...or really have any way of knowing if they are reputable. the 10 commandments written in seems this infallible "scientific" report. Because it appears to be widely must be true.

The medical schools preach the contents of the report...teaching the doctors to be of the many merits of eggs...and then they start their practices passing on their education to their patients. If they don't believe the report...and choose to go against the reports findings...they may face ostracism by their peers or perhaps lose credibility with their patients for not toeing the line with what is the prevalent belief of the day.

It's not an easy battle to be Columbus trying to convince people the world is round!

A few years later...a man who has been eating 20 eggs a day dies of a heart attack. The coroner concludes that he died from all of the cholesterol from the massive amounts of eggs he was consuming. His family does some research and finds that the egg report was funded by the national egg council...and that the scientists falsified reports for increased funding. The family sues and it makes the mainstream news. A new scientist stands with a new scientific report and authoritatively states... "New findings are showing that the cholesterol is high in eggs and so they should be avoided." Egg sales plummet and noses are turned up at the unhealthy eggs.

Then just wait a year or so...and they will be healthy again when the "new" report comes out. Public opinion can change overnight...almost entirely on the message being shouted from the loudspeakers of the media.

While I picked on eggs...I could have just as easily used any number of things to illustrate the point. Wheat...butter...sugar...fake Even cigarettes were once marketed as being good for you because they had vitamins in them!!! (I used to have an ad from the 50's that I clipped from a "Time" magazine...with a man getting healthy by smoking!) I could have also chosen any number of medications that have come out over the years that were purported to be the wonder drugs of their day...that ultimately caused all kinds of birth defects...paralyzed...and/or caused all kinds of damage to people. Even possibly killing those who trusted...and partook.


So why...if we know historically that it is difficult for man to reach any believable we still give their findings such merit? We would do well to look to God for what He has revealed with reference to proper health...and not ride the tides of popular opinion.

Some not only just believe...they champion the cause of man's health wisdom trying to influence everyone around them to get on board! They really believe that they are going to be helping people by getting them to eat certain foods or partake in certain remedies...which may or may not actually be the case.

Others are driven by a desire to make they will become wealthy as the demand for their product increases. They may or may not care if it ultimately hurts or helps long as they make a buck. servants of Satan are evil in every sense of that word...and truly just want to hurt people. Like their master...they take pleasure in the pain and misery of others. Either deceived into believing that they are in reality serving God...or knowingly serving Satan they plan ways to hurt people. They may have even bought into the satanic belief that if they can kill people they are "helping" the world by eliminating some of what they consider an excess of population. While this may seem hard to believe to the person who lives in the light...God has revealed that there truly are "evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of bconspiring men in the last days". People that are putting needles into the apples of trick or treaters...only in a much larger...more damaging way.

The Government and Health

The government...that works for you and I...has given the American people advice over the years as to what will keep them healthy. They have even used your "voluntary" tax money to fund various organizations that aim to teach you how to be healthy. While they may disseminate some wonderful information...that may be absolutely true...the government has not always given the best advice. This may be because they are disseminating propaganda meant to keep the masses from becoming crippled with anxiety for things that they can't control. For example with the "duck and cover" campaign...that taught children to go under their desks in the event of a nuclear detonation...for safety. Anyone with any knowledge about nuclear bombs will tell you that such action is completely ineffectual.

After the 9/11 attack\demolition in the US...the Environmental Protection Agency administrator announced that "The air is safe to breathe". Tell that to the people now who are suffering with respiratory problems or other sicknesses resultant from their days trying to save lives and clean up. Their stories riddle the media.

One area where the government has committed a lot of time and our money to get people vaccinated with a potpourri of vaccines. Vaccines aimed at preventing everything from polio to the common flu.

They have used this money to purchase media ads to try to influence our citizens and those here illegally to make sure that they are vaccinated. They have also actively passed legislation aimed at making it harder and harder to go without getting vaccinated. Children entering school are required to provide all of the vaccination information...or should still be provided a document to sign saying that they don't vaccinate for moral reasons....that is...for now. People leaving the country may have to provide various vaccination records based upon where they are going...or not allowed to leave the country. Certain public sector and military law...are required to have certain vaccinations...or you will not be able to be hired...or get kicked out.

Be Wary of Vaccinations

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to vaccines. There are people out there that want to vaccinate every moving "protect it from disease". The other crowd (which I tend to side with) believes that many or most vaccines are actually detrimental to your health and should be avoided.

I will not go so far as to say that ALL vaccines are not without their I don't believe that the church...with a prophet at the head...would have let a program go on for so long that vaccinates children with the measles vaccination if it was not for the ultimate benefit of the recipients. But to say that because the church has supported some vaccines is no indicator that ALL vaccines are in some way approved of God. I would say that Satan...the great counterfeiter has sullied the vaccination selection with his brand of poison.

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

I sure don't. Many doctors are completely unwilling to even entertain a conversation with their patients that vaccines could be bad for them. I have firsthand heard several stories of people who are treated with derision by their doctors for even questioning their word that their vaccines are "safe". The attitude is "How dare you question me!...and those that do the medical studies!!"

You will more than likely have to look to other sources to make your decisions. Finding out which vaccines you are willing to subject your body to and your families will take some effort. You will seriously have to study each one individually to decide.

Here is a list of a multitude of sites aimed at helping you to see the benefits and dangers of each well as the vaccine contents. The list is mostly from the anti-vaccine crowd.

You will read peoples stories of being perfectly healthy prior to being vaccinated...followed by lingering...often life changing sickness. Scientists and doctors that believe that conditions like autism and food allergies are directly linked to vaccinations...and their compelling backing to their claims. Words that should not be taken lightly.

Potential Forced Vaccinations on the Horizon

Are you OK with you or someone you love being a guinea pig for a vaccine?!! The Internet is a-buzz with chatter about the possibility of world governments FORCING their residents to get the swine flu vaccine this fall due to the statements of the World Health Organization.

With this possibility in mind...a backlash of concerned people are trying to take a stand against disseminating information that should dissuade one from blindly taking the shot.

Here is a doctor who has linked the vaccine to causing cancer or worse side effects.

Here is part one of a video that surfaced of a "60 Minutes" show that exposed the complications that have arisen out of the swine flu vaccine campaign that took place back in 1976. Part two. THESE TWO VIDEOS ARE A MUST SEE.

There is evidence that the company who will profit billions from the sale of the vaccine...may actually be the company that spread it in the first place...either accidentally or intentionally.

Make a Decision

So...the time is NOW to firmly plant your feet on the ground...and decide what you are going to do. Are you going to submit injecting your body with what this blog refers to as...

experimental, untested, toxic and extremely dangerous to the human immune system. They contain squalene-based adjuvants that cause a host of annoying to life-threatening autoimmune diseases. They must be avoided, even if mandated. It’s also known that vaccines don’t protect against diseases they’re designed to prevent and often cause them.

Do you REALLY know what the side effects will be?

What are you going to do NOW to make sure that your voice is heard that you do not support mandatory vaccinations! (If you don't)

What are you going to do if the propaganda campaign to make it seem totally reasonable to take the vaccine is totally convincing...and everyone you know is taking it?

What if the people who don't take it are demonized as perpetuating the risk for everyone else?

What if the government tries to put you into a "quarantine" internment camp if you won't go along with it? Will you do it then?

What if the church leaders give no clear direction on what course to take?

Most importantly...remember the Lords has already given us the path for surviving the plagues of the last days.

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