Monday, May 23, 2011

Iron Age Forging...

No....not foraging.  Forging!

I took this week long class with Ruskin Mill last year and had a wonderful time.  We went down to the creek and dug up a bunch of clay...mixed it with some sand...and made forges directly on the ground...using materials that could be found most anywhere.  Then we forged a variety of useful and beautiful items out of pieces of a junk car.  As I type this...the knife I'm wearing on my belt I forged out of a cars suspension spring!  I also designed the handle and carved it out of scandinavian birch...which looks quite lovely when oiled up.

We also covered some friction fire with bow drill...and how to make charcoal from raw materials.

What I really took away from the class was an increased sense of self reliance...that I can put together a forge with found materials...and shape metal into a variety of shapes as needed.  Plus it was fun!

Arian Leljak who teaches the class is also a great teacher.  Very patient and yet intense...and not one to settle for poor work..for himself or his students.  If you live in my area and are able to attend you will not be disappointed.

For the bulk of you who do not live in my area...perhaps you could seek out someone to teach you this skill.  Yet one more valuable skill to add to your preparedness bag.


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