Monday, April 4, 2011

US Mormons Preparing...and Rising LDS Canning Center Costs...

A front page story today talked about how the Mormons and being "spurned" by what they have seen in Japan to increase their "survival" preparations.  I hope they do!  Hopefully they can still afford to get together the things they will need for their well as have some to share/barter in times of distress.

I have thought for sometime seemingly artificially the canning centers prices are.  Well...a new price list was passed onto me...and the prices are drastically going up!!   An average increase of 19.71%!  Quick oats went up 61.93%!!  It's going to cost a lot more to stock up on the basics.  Just a taste of how food and other commodities prices can jump up overnight.  

Black Beans$13.20$16.8027.27%
Pinto Beans$17.45$18.556.30%
White Beans$12.55$16.0027.49%
Dry Milk, Nonfat$41.65$47.2013.33%
White Rice$10.00$13.8538.50%

White Wheat
Apple Slices


Quick Oats
Regular Oats
Dry Onions
Potato Flakes

Refried Beans
Hot Cocoa Mix$33.50$38.9516.27%
White Flour
Fruit Drink Mix$27.75$31.3012.79%



  1. Here is a link to the new price list...,11666,8133-1-4352-1,00.html

  2. are these bulk prices cuz I go to the cannery and don't pay those kind of prices

  3. Hmmm...perhaps the prices changed again since the article was written. Those prices are for various sized bags and boxes of foodstuffs. Many are 25lb bags...some 50lb.