Thursday, September 23, 2010

Using Less Saves Money...No Duh...

I'm always grossed out by the portion of toothpaste that is used in toothpaste ads.  Of course such ads are put out by people selling toothpaste...who desire that you would put a monstrous glob of toothpaste on your brush...and proceed to burn through piles of toothpaste tubes and have to buy more.

Hopefully we know that putting toothpaste dripping off of your brush is not necessary for clean teeth.  One could use a tenth of that amount and still obtain clean teeth and fresh breath.

I'm not sure if many adults use that much toothpaste...but a lot of kids sure do.  They come to my home...and I watch in amazement as they pile their toothbrushes up...brush for a few moments and then spit a big clump of blue toothpaste in the sink to dry.

Follow these same children around and you will see them pump six pumps of soap on their hands to clean moderately dirty hands...or they will spin at the toilet paper roll like they are playing "The Price is Right" so they can use a giant wad of toilet paper to wipe a little pee-pee!

Of course...children aren't the only ones guilty of such waste.  Many of these wasteful habits carry into adulthood.  In a time when so many people are pinching every penny they way to free up some money is to use less.  Seriously.  I bet most people could cut many of their monthly expenses in half...just by consciously controlling their portions.

How much toothpaste do you really need to clean your teeth?

How many squares of toilet paper does it really take to do the job?

How much soap will clean your hands?  Shouldn't you buy those foam soap dispensers that stretch your soap out forever?!

Could you put your lunch sandwiches in a reusable container instead of using ziploc bags every day?

How about using a terry towel instead of paper towels?

I am not trying to make you into the stingy police of your households...but just to know that curbing your own waste and lovingly encouraging your family to follow suit could keep some cash in your pocket!


  1. Being frugal can certainly make a difference in what you spend each month!

    It's really a life-style and not just something that you do on occasion. Sometimes just getting everyone on board is the hard part!

  2. You can put soap and water into a spray bottle, that way you are metering the amount of soap without having to deal with the foam pump dispensers, I have found that after a while the foam pumps stop working, and usually the soap that originally comes with those is anti-bacterial which is not very good for you in the first place. I have a jar full of anti-bacterial soap that I poured out of the foam pump bottle, I refuse to use it, I just wanted to try out the foam pump.