Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Ray Mears is a hero of mine. His genuine love of nature is infectious...his lifelong determination to master the skills of bushcraft are inspiring...and his gentle quality have endeared him to me. He has done a variety of videos that are available on DVD...where he travels the world practicing various bushcraft skills with indigenous peoples. I trust him. If he says something is good...then it is.

On one of his videos he had a camp set up with a "Tentipi" tent. A wood burning stove that was
set up inside the tent had a flu that went out the top...and was keeping the inside toasty warm. It looked dreamy. It peaked my I researched...and found Ray on some of Tentipis marketing materials as a supporter of their products...and I was won over as to why Tentipis are a superior tent.

Here are the features of the Tentipi that I feel make it a tent to consider...

1. If you are tall like can actually stand up inside! Always crouching over in a tent can be a drag.
2. They are vented at the you can actually have a fire inside the tent...or have a stove that sticks out the top that can also be a cooktop. No more warm front...and freezing cold back!
3. They don't require a whole bunch of poles that can be broken. Just one main pole up the middle. That could mean a reduction in weight...and less equipment to break.
4. The shape lends itself to shedding moisture...and cuts through the wind.
6. They are well known for how well made they are...and how they will last.
7. They come in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your needs.

Tentipi is based in Northern Sweden near the Arctic Circle. Those people know what inclement weather is...and have built these to withstand the worst. Arctic expeditions down to Summer camping can be accomplished with the tent.

Americans should recognize this tent it was used by our indigenous people!!! There is a reason why this shape was...and will be used for generations...because it works!

Tentipi's are not sold in the US. Nordic Outdoor is the only supplier I know of that will ship to the US. They have information on their site to help you choose the right Tentipi tent. Here is the beautiful Tentipi catalog. And here is some info that compares Tentipi to other tent shapes to contrast strengths and weaknesses.

To find out what the price is of the tent you are looking divide the price by 1.15. So this one would be $849.13. That may sound like a lot...but will get what you paid for! A high...high quality tent...that should last a very long time.

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