Monday, May 4, 2009

Foraging Walk/Hike...

As a follow up to the class I will be teaching this Saturday on Foraging (at the Gardening Workshop)...I will be going on a free foraging walk/hike with whomever is interested in coming. We will gather Saturday May 16th at 9am at Lew Howard park at 7100 Baldwin Dam Road. I will be there rain or shine.

We will walk around the park and I will point things out that I know...and you can show me things that you know. This is a physically easy thing to do...and there will be PLENTY to see just in the park.

Then those that are up for more of a rigorous hike will walk with me...I don't is probably at least a couple of miles down a walking path that goes into the "folsom woods" and then wraps back to the park where you parked your car. Most of it is shaded and quite pretty.

We will stop A LOT to look at plants and speak of their food and medicinal uses. I will also bring with me a variety of foraging books to help us with our identification.

Some of the things you should expect to see on the trek are...

Wild lettuces, curly dock, chickweed, horehound, wild mint, lemon balm, wild carrot, miners lettuce, plantain, pokeweed, wild radish, filaree, wild mustard, sow thistle, thistle, shepherds purse, wild grapes,...etc....etc....whatever I see and know! I will also point out some of the things that you should not eat as well.

Please dress appropriately for the weather...bring water...and perhaps a backpack to help hold my books!! If you go on the full hike...plan on it taking a couple of hours.

I know this is short notice for some who may want to come. I am willing to do it again and again if you get together some people. Contact me and we can work to schedule it.


  1. Is your walk this Sat. the 9th or the following Sat. the 16th?

  2. This was typed up late last night in a hurry! Oops! I just fixed it to say Saturday May 16th.

  3. This sounds like an excellent opportunity! In this world of ours, the logo/brand recognition is much higher and further engrained in our subconscious than plant recognition. Have a great foraging hike! Will you be posting highlights on your blog? I would be very interested in seeing it.

  4. I'm not sure yet if I'll do a "highlights". I'll be sure to at least respond to you and let you hear about it!