Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kelly's Water Storage Handout


How Much to Store?
· FEMA & Red Cross recommend 14 gallons per person for two weeks (1 gallon a day/person)
· More is better ~ consider use for cooking, hydrating foods, powdered milk/beverages, etc., cleaning/bathing

What to Store it in?
· PETE (or PET) approved plastic containers such as soda bottles and juice containers
· 50 gallon drums (blue) or smaller sized ones
· Collapsible plastic storage containers
· Commercially bottled water
· Mylar bags

What Should I Not Store it in?
· Milk jugs, cardboard beverage containers, plastic bottles that previously held food products (ketchup, etc.), any non food plastic container (bleach bottles), glass (breakable)
· Swimming pools

Where Should I Store my Water?
· Cool, dry places
· Places where possible leaks will not cause damage
· Freezer

Where Should I NOT Store my Water?
· On concrete – leeching can occur while in plastic containers
· In direct sunlight and exposed to heat – cover with tarps if outdoors
· Near gasoline, kerosene, pesticides or similar substances – leeching

Other Important Water Storage Points…
· Water from chlorinated municipal water supply does not need treatment
· Always store in clean, sanitized containers
· Swimming Pools – back up source ONLY. Can be used for cleaning and bathing. Not suitable for consumption. Because of potential natural disasters - not a reliable source
· Have a hand filter such as a Katadyn as backup

www.providentliving.org see Family Home Storage / Water Storage

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  1. Another good option is Canned Water! It has a long shelf life and really is only a one time purchase. Each can last up to 50yrs.

    www.worldgrocer.com - check it out