Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Acorns For Food and Home Oil Production Class...

If you live in the Sacramento should consider coming to a class I am doing on November 21st, 2009 from 9am-12:30pm at 110 Foxridge Drive in Folsom.

Those that attend will learn how to make the acorns that litter your lawn into a delicious and nutritious food to feed your families! A great skill to have in good or hard times. Ancient and modern processing methods will be discussed…as well as in depth information on our local Oak trees. We will make a dish from an acorn recipe for all to eat!

The second portion of the class will be on how to process vegetable oils out of seeds and nuts that you grow yourself…or harvest in the wild. These vegetable oils can then be used in cooking, as a fuel, medicinally, and in a myriad of other applications. Use of the Piteba oil press will be highlighted.

The fee for the class is $30 or free (as promised) for those that purchased a Piteba press with our group order a while back. It's going to be an awesome class!!


  1. What is the contact info to sign up for this class?

  2. You can tell me you are coming by emailing Just tell me the names of who to expect. I look forward to seeing you!