Monday, July 6, 2009

Dollar Store Emergency Supplies...

I heard over the loudspeaker..."Let the 99c Only store be your headquarters for emergency preparedness.  Make an emergency bag and fill it with..."  It went on to list some ideas of things that are available at the dollar store that could be put into an emergency bag...or put into storage.  While not everything found at a dollar store is the finest of quality (of which surely you are aware!!)...there are many things that will work just fine.  Here is a list of some things to consider that I have seen at our dollar store...

Plastic Ponchos
Vitamin A&D Ointment - This is a product I highly recommend for it's multiple uses.
Medicine - A broad assortment of medicines for all maladies.  Headaches...allergies...muscle aches...etc.
Various Clothing - Shirts... socks...even underwear!
Hats - Brimmed for the sun and Beanies for warmth.
Firestarting tools
Knives -  A lot of these are really lame...but hey...they are better than nothing!
ziploc bags
Various Foods - Mostly short term storage...some long term...lot's of comfort food (junk food)
Work gloves
Sewing kit
Super glue
Toiletries - wipes...cotton swabs...etc...
Tools - For example to make a kit to do car repairs.
Trash bags - Have a variety of uses.  Keep yourself and supplies dry...warm...hold things...etc...
Cleaning supplies
Toys and games - To keep people entertained during disasters.

Another resource to check out is Harbor Freight.  They sell inexpensive tools and a variety of other items that are great for preparedness.  It is not a place to go if you want to buy only "Made in the USA".  I have picked up tarps...heavier duty gloves...latex gloves...dust masks...etc.  Perhaps there is a retail location near you.  

That is just off the top of my head.  If you looked through the stores...I'm sure you could find many more items to get prepared.  In a time when a lot of people are really watching how they spend every is great to have these resources available to inexpensively accumulate the items that will make our lives considerably more comfortable during a disaster!!

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